Back it up, dont do it again

We’ve been engaged over the last week or two in helping to setup a new ITV prime-time TV series. It’s always good to be involved in the early stages to consult with workflow and help determine what weapons you’ll have in your creative arsenal. In the process we were asked to provide help with tapeless workflow and agreed to draft a quick guide for the production office.
There is still a great fear of solid state media which is always a shock given how we take it for granted in the field. In fact we’ve spent some time dissuading the production company in question from shooting tape! We’re happy to shoot on memory cards or optical disc but tape, really?

What we did notice while creating a step by step guide is that there are some simple things to avoid and in our experience the majority of corruptions and errors have generally been caused by user error. This may raise a few eyebrows but C’mon, ask yourselves honestly, how many of you have blamed the media when you know full well part of the blame lay with yourselves? We all get tired and try and take short cuts when we shouldn’t.

As we’ve written a quick bible we thought we’d share it for anyone else who might need help. As the saying goes, ‘Adapt or Die’, so we might as well help ease the transition for as many of you as possible. If any of you feel the need to add any further advice or anecdotes feel free to email us and we’ll update the document accordingly. We’re all in this together!

So download it here and enjoy.

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