Going Live at Team Base

James Mays - Man LabJames Mays - Man Lab

'After much tweakage we've finally launched our website which we do hope you like. Although there is so much more we'd like to showcase, this is the selection so far.

We've currently got our hands full with facilitating Channel4's 'Shipwrecked', via RDF Media, and James Mays ManLab for the BBC via Plum Pictures. We've even had Cristiano Ronaldo tweeting about our projects with Sky TV's, 'Tested To The Limit', shot in Madrid.

Its been a very busy year with a start to the business that caught us utterly off guard such was the positive response and the rest of the year isn't looking any less busy. There's Drama in The Pacific as well as Travelogs in China to get through yet, not to mention a secret goalscoring mission in Germany.

We're as excited about growing the portfolio as we are about growing the company. Hopefully we'll get to collaborate with each and every one of you in the near future.

Team Base'

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