Kit Reviews

We’re often asked for our opinion on equipment, and many’s the number of people who’ve regretted opening that wormy tin. To cease the stifled yawn and weary expression we’ve decided to review the kit we love and use so you can read it at your leisure and pleasure.

Let me make this disclaimer first. It was once said to me that there are two types of cameramen, technical ones who lacked all artistry and creative ones who lacked all technical knowledge. In posting these I pray to the patron saint of photographers that I bridge the gap.

I don’t tolerate rubbish technology, I like to get in and get the job done. I don’t suffer affectations but I will put a pan-glass to my eye if necessary. With that in mind that’s how we review, practically without too much techo-babble. What good is a foot-candle to you or a little chromatic aberration with a crew of 40 doing overtime and cursing the fact you pulled the wrong light out of the truck?

With that prelude over. Welcome to the review section and we trust you find it useful.

Team Base

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