Video Camera


Shortened List ( TV Credits Only )

  • Made In America: Darlow Smithson, National Geographic

  • My Lottery Dream House: Seven Studios, Discovery Channel 

  • James May; Our Man in Japan, Plum Pictures, Amazon Prime

  • The Greatest Dancer, Fremantle, ITV

  • Baewatch, Thames TV, Ch4

  • Shipwrecked 2019, Zodiac, Ch4

  • Rise of the Robots, BBC2

  • Seven Year Switch, 7Wonder, Ch4

  • Secret Admirer, Naked Ent, Ch5

  • 100% Hotter, S1/2/3, Naked Entertainment, Ch5

  • George Clarkes Amazing Spaces, Plum Pictures, Ch4

  • George Clarkes; Shed of the Year, Plum, Ch4

  • James Mays; The Reassembler, BBC4

  • James Mays Cars of the People S1/2, Plum, BBC

  • James Mays ToyStories, BBC

  • Ashley Banjos Big Town Dance, Shine TV, Sky

  • The Only Way is Essex

  • Made in Chelsea

  • Around The World in 80 Days, BBC2

  • Louise Roes, Plain Jane, MTV

  • Portillo on Picasso, Plum, ITV

  • Gok Wan; Made in China, Ch4

  • James Mays Manlab, BBC2

  • Treasure Quest, Discovery Channel

And many many more